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15 Nov 2007

Talks about how to whitelist HTML

Proxy in Perl

25 June 2007

Found these over at Google Video

How to break web software

Artificial General Intelligence : Now is the Time

19 Dec 2006

Webserver I have never heard of .. via Redhanded JuneBug Wiki and

18 Dec 2006 *
Cyberpunk stuff I found on YouTube.

David Bowie - Nine Inch Nails

15 Dec 2006

Platform is irrelevant - The whole NeoScholar thing, use from any browser .. the Information Engine make it run on any platform (Unix, Linux, Mac, Windows).

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search for Jeff Han - Multi point touch systems

New Magic Filesystem Idea

files are stored chronologically eg.


Database holds tags/labels about these pieces.

This way information can be gained from when things were added (to which directory) and when they were updated .. no need to move them. Just use the current position, but recored updates in the DB.


Power could cost more than server

Freelance howto at Squidoo

Free GeoIP lookup

Alternative Energy/Going off the Grid

Best Free Software

Riya - Face recognition

Basics of Unix philosophy

S5 - Slideshow in CSS and Javascript
from MeyerWeb (One of his tools)

Move over, MSN, as new models parade the catwalk - Talks about the Open Source model and the google model. Interestingly, They talk about Steve Balmer (MS), calling OS un-american, and SCO's Darl McBride goes a step further - he regards open source as a form of communism.

Big brains coming back to Melbourne - Talks about different people research, AI, Crypto and Mathematical Linguistics.

Blogging got me a job guys moving to atlassian.

Flash Games -

Another PHP thing called w2Box - fileuploader. - Mapping Word Frequency of a Text/URL A PHP thing which looks at text or a URL and does some CSS placement of the resultant words.

Syntax highlighting for wordpress

The Perl Journal Registration FAQ also has other magazine included.

EuroOSCON 2005 things
Introduction to Pugs (perl 6)
Kamaelia: Using Communicating Python Generators to Build Concurrent and Network Systems Easily
Rife presentation
m0n0wall - Embedded firewall

Book - The Words That Took Us There. Ethnography in a Virtual Reality

A few web 2.0 style apps


blog ideas

Chris Dent Helped start BlueOxen and now works at socialtext.

Rough Type

Latex Exam Gloves and Digital Identity
How many decimal digits to represent a binary number and other stuff

From Google Blog
About Google Philanthropy
Bird Flu Basics

Microformats things like hcard (a format for address information)

ThreadWatch - a community website focused on Internet marketing and related technologies.

Blogging Predicted by 19th Century Russian Prince

Homers: Secrets on the Factory Floor

Interesting - Rushkoff, Judaism, and RFID??

In game warcraft players create a virus ?

US military attack dolphins loose .. weird in a gibson kind of way.


Download of all listed ASX companies (updated daily)

Etudes for Programmers
Apparently a great software book from 197?
Really expensive

The Tao of Programming
"After three days without programming, life becomes meaningless."

The Web's Father Expects a Grandchild

Choosing the Platform

Freedom Languages

For Best Results, Forget the Bonus (1993)
Followed up by
Another Look at Workplace Incentives (2002)

Software for Brains: Metcalfe's Law is Alive and Well

Negative feedback worth less?

Art and Computer Programming

The Economic and Social Foundations of Collaborative Innovation

Ruby on Rails Stuff (Comparison WebObjects and Rails)

Kwalify is a tiny schema validator for YAML document.

Tech rage an office problem: survey

Fading fast

Film outlasting CD's and Hard drives

Archivists worldwide are struggling with a giant dilemma: they are looking for just one stable format for digital storage that will last more than just a few decades.