Edible RFID

Found this over at Warren Ellis (of Transmetropolitan fame)

I guess this could be useful?

From the original new scientist post on edible RFID it seems some uses include:

  • Looking at digestive issues
  • When embedded in a Pill/tablet, make sure patients have swallowed them (think pyschiatric wards)
  • similar radio tags could also be embedded in an artificial knee or hip joint in such a way that they disintegrate as the joint does, warning of the need for more surgery (direct quote from article)

Reminds me of the Intestinator from the movie “Fortress” with Christopher Lambert, which were implanted into the inmates to track and punish them as required.

On a more pragmattic note, maybe it could be used as a temporary security pass in a building or hotel? Just swallow this pill it’ll give you access to the pool or bar?

( Via Warren Ellis )

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