Halo : Book Review

Halo was a good read. It has most of elements of your average cyberpunk novel, Direct Neural Interface, AI, Bioenginering, Cybersex, big corporations, etc. This gem was the first book written by “Tom Maddox“.

Halo was written in 1991, while the cyberpunk genre was in full swing. The story opens with “Gonzales”, an information auditor, getting into his “egg” so that he could have “total involvement through all sensory modalities”. Other story factors involve an Artificial Intelligence (AI) that evolved through interaction with a woman through a direct neural interface, who had an extreme experience. This seemed to be the basis for “the awakening” or intelligence in that application. And there’s also an off world component.

Tom Maddox, according to wikipedia, is a buddy of William Gibson. If you are interested Maddox and Gibson co-wrote two x-files episodes Kill Switch and “First Person Shooter”.

I enjoyed Halo .. good story, good technology, and has aged well .. The mark of good science ficiton.

Rating: 8/10

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